Glass Railings

An Excellent Way to Taking Advantage of Your View

There is nothing worse than moving onto a new property and realizing that the amazing view you thought you had is partially obstructed by the railings. Sure, you still have a phenomenal view when you’re on your balcony or deck and leaning over the edge, but what about when you’re in your home and can’t see the water when you look out the window because the wood railings are in the way? There is an easy and practical solution to that problem: replace your wood or steel railings with topless glass ones and you can take full advantage of your view.

Glass Railings: An Excellent Way to Take Advantage of Your View

Tired Of Your Obstructed View? Try Out Topless Glass Railings

The greatest thing about living in Greater Vancouver is that no matter where you are there is always an amazing view to take advantage of. Sadly, many homes come pre-installed with dated wood or metal railings that obstruct those views. The best way to realize your deck’s full potential is by switching things up and having us install fully transparent glass railings. They are clear and crisp, and extremely popular with consumers looking to take advantage of their view. Topless glass railings are also made with a sleek and sturdy post design that is very durable to give our customers peace of mind.

Durable Railings That Don’t Require Repainting or Finishing

There are some situations where wood based railings would make a better option than glass railings. However, in very beautiful areas like above a garden, the topless glass railings have benefits that wood based railings do not have. There is a wider selection of designer options when installing glass railings and unlike their wood counterparts they do not require constant repainting or finishing because they are much more durable. Hardwood railings are also vulnerable to cracking on their surface, another problem that is not present when installing glass railings.

Stand Apart From Standard Wood Railings

Everybody wants their home to stand out as unique, but it gets increasingly difficult to figure out ways to do that. Wood railings are nice but they are also incredibly common. By choosing to install topless glass railings on your deck or patio you immediately differentiate yourself from the crowd and also add significant resale value to your home. By showing off your remarkable view and making sure it’s not obstructed you can increase the value of your property by making sure you show off its key assets to every person coming through.

Topless glass railings aren’t for everybody. Some people prefer the look of classic wood and others live in heavily wooded areas where glass wouldn’t be ideal. However, for those who have waterfront views that they wish to take full advantage of, glass railings are the best possible option. Their durability is unmatched, the look blends in perfectly with Vancouver’s modern aesthetic, and the price is very competitive. If you have been looking for a way to alter your deck or balcony then look no further than upgrading to beautiful glass railings.

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