Glass Privacy Panels: a Maintenance-Free Option for Enclosing Your Deck From Prying Eyes

Installing glass privacy panels is a great way to improve the look and value of your home and create a private space in a crowded, urban area. If your glass is frosted, it can block unsightly views (both outwards and in). As well, glass privacy panels can also help to buffer city sounds and noise pollution. But caring for your privacy screen can be a bother if you’re on the top floor of a residential apartment or high rise building and don’t want to put your life in danger in order to clean them. This is why aluminum and glass privacy panels are an ideal solution for high quality, durable screens with very low maintenance requirements.

The Benefits of Aluminum

In order to maintain a long life, your glass privacy panels must be durable enough to withstand strong winds, flying debris and attacks from hailstones and wildlife creatures alike. The ideal candidate for your enclosure is quality aluminum fittings constructed from a high tensile structural alloy. Not only is it strong and durable, but aluminum also will not rot, nor will it splinter or split and of course it will not rust. If you choose the option to have your aluminum elements powder coated, it will offer a long-lasting finish which means you won’t have to re-paint or re-coat for most of the life of your screen.

Frosted Options Hide More than the View

The type of glass you install will also have an effect on the maintenance of your glass privacy screen. Dust and smog in the air as well as fingerprints can build up on interior and exterior glass surfaces. Cleaning those outside areas can be hazardous and annoying, so consider options that can go a long way towards hiding dirt and grime. Obscuring and opaque selections won’t show the dust as well as clear glass. For example, economical pinhead-style glass (which you may have seen used in shower door construction) is highly effective at letting in light while obscuring a view, but you may discover that dirt and grime can build up in the grooves of the design. A popular choice for modern designers is satin etched glass. It creates a cleaner face and a softer shadow outline and yet is extremely easy to clean.

Talk to a Dealer about Maintenance

The type of glass as well as the design can have an effect on the maintenance of your glass privacy panels. If you have not left enough of a gap or clearance between panels, the key areas of access become harder to deal with. When you discuss your project idea with a consultant, be sure to explain your concerns about long-term maintenance. They should be able to direct you towards a solution that can address important needs such as cleaning and maintaining the look of your glass.

If you are looking to create a private sanctuary that can stand the test of both elements and time, you need to discuss the aluminum and glass options available to you. Having materials that can last will always serve to increase the value of your property when it comes time to sell. Call or contact one of our specialists today for more information or a quote on the project you’re planning. We can help you find the right type of glass and build a unique, customized design around your home’s already existing style elements.

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