Glass Awnings

A Beautiful Upgrade That Will Reduce Glare and Heat, Perfect for Year-round Use

Many people find that after the have invested into a deck that they do not enjoy it as much as they first desired. However, it is generally not because the deck was not everything that they had hoped for when they had it installed. It most often has to do with sun glare and heat. The position of their deck often places them directly in the sun for several hours, heating up the area to an uncomfortable level.

Thankfully, these deck owners do not have to give up their outdoor enjoyment. A very simple addition to the deck area can change your deck from being too hot to just right.

Glass awning

Glass Awnings Reduce Glare And Heat

Installing glass awnings above your deck can greatly reduce the glare and heat of direct sunlight. These awnings are made from tempered glass that has a reflective quality that prevents a lot of the sunlight and heat from reaching the deck area. This glass is not dark and will not hinder light; it just reflects the heat and sunrays to make the deck area more comfortable.

Glass Deck Awnings Are Very Attractive

Many people do not even consider an awning because they feel they may look big and bulky and take way from the visual appeal of their deck area and home. Beautiful glass awnings will actually enhance the appearance of the deck area because they are very stylish in appearance. Glass awnings are a relatively new trend, but they are becoming quite popular. The sleek design and effective at reducing the heat make them a perfect choice for deck owners.

A Glass Awning Increase The Amount Of Time You Can Enjoy Outdoors

Everyone has to admit that when soft rain comes on a warm day, you wish you could go outside to enjoy the cool down without having to get wet. The fresh smell of a summer rain is wonderful to almost everyone, yet most people remain inside during this time because they do not want to get wet.

If you have glass awnings installed over your deck, you can experience the smell of the rain and the cool breeze without having to get wet. You simply sit on your deck and watch the rain as you stay dry underneath your awning.

You can enhance your entire deck experience by having glass awnings installed over the deck area. If you are ready to upgrade your home and your deck and increase the amount of time you can enjoy outdoors, you are encouraged to contact Arbutus Sundecks for a free estimate on glass awnings for your deck area. We are positive that you will be pleased with your decision to use Arbutus Sundecks for this or any other deck project.

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