Five Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Deck Builder

If you’re planning a repair or an installation, there are some important questions you should be asking your North Vancouver deck builder. Your home is an essential asset and investment, so before you go about improving it, be sure you can trust the professionals you’re going to hire. Any reputable deck builder in North Vancouver should be able to answer these questions quickly and honestly in order to provide you with the assurance you need.

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Are You Licensed and Registered?

It’s never a good idea to choose an unlicensed company to do any structural or deck repairs on your home. The fact is, many homeowners are lured in by lower prices and forget the expense and risk of dealing with a non-reputable company. Experience comes from years in the business and a strong track record (with positive testimonials) of doing the work. Always enquire about their references as well as the state of their liability insurance and WCB .

What Insurance and Warranties Do You Carry?

In any home renovation project, both the homeowner and the contractor carry some of the weight of insurance protection. Ask your prospective builder about the limits of their coverage so you won’t be out-of-pocket for expenses that occur due to a problem, accident or even theft of materials. If the company offers a warranty on work done, make sure to get this in writing so you won’t be chasing them down if the work turns out to be faulty. Remember that the manufacturer may only cover a warranty on the vinyl decking so you need to ask your deck builder exactly where their company’s warranty begins and ends.

How Long Will This Project Take?

When you get a quote from a North Vancouver deck builder, be sure to have an accurate estimate of the duration of the work. This may be relative to weather conditions, so be aware that you may be faced with a lengthy procedure if it’s not organized properly. You need to know how long you’re going to have workpeople in your yard as well as the duration of your insurance risk. The duration of a project may also affect your building permit application, so this is a valid question to ask your deck builder.

Do You Have a Portfolio to Review?

Simply because a building company costs less, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be satisfied with the end result. If you can view other examples of their work, you can see if they were able to address for example: a client’s personal lifestyle requirements, their aesthetic design choices, and the relationship of the deck to the home’s style and outer d├ęcor. You deserve proof and a guarantee that the work will be done to the level of your satisfaction.

What Is Your Experience With My Preferred Material Type?

Obviously, you wouldn’t want a company only familiar with installing concrete structures to handle your wood deck project. There are a lot of variables when it comes to the type of material to use and your contractor should be knowledgeable with whatever your choice is. If you are looking for wood planking, your company should be able to counsel you on the best options available in terms of: durability, resistance to termite attack, tendency for mould or bacterial growth, etc.

Any reputable deck builder in North Vancouver will understand the unique issues stemming from climate and moisture control of your home’s geographic location. Always ask questions and make sure that your prospective builder is there with the right answers. As well, make sure that they respond to your concerns with equal concern for the value and importance of your investment. If you have any of the above questions, feel free to call for more information or to get a free quote from one of our professional associates. Let us help you protect and improve your investment with the addition of a quality, beautiful wood deck.

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