Exterior Stair Railings: The Perfect Safety Upgrade for Your Outdoor Staircase

Having an incredible outdoor space, like a beautiful deck or garden, is an incredibly rewarding part of being a homeowner, especially in beautiful Vancouver. Especially when the weather starts to make the long-anticipated turn and the sun starts shining, homeowners get to truly appreciate their outdoor spaces, and start to pay special attention to their gardens and decks. Outdoor entertaining is just another benefit of having a large outdoor space. When preparing for the upcoming spring and summer seasons, make the most of your outdoor spaces and ensure that you have achieved a safe environment for your guests with a quick and simple safety upgrade: exterior stair railings.

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Exterior Stair Railings: The First Safety Upgrade You Should Make

The last thing you want at your home is a hard fall which (knock on wood!) could lead to an injury or (double knock on wood!) even to a lawsuit. Having an outdoor staircase at your premises without handrails might be considered neglect if you are having guests at your property. This can be particularly dangerous if anyone using the deck is elderly, or there are children around. Take precautions, and install the heavily relied on safety guards of stair railings. Whether it’s wet or dry outside, staircase slips and falls are much too common and probable to ignore this necessary safety measure. Even if you only have a small staircase, you should still consider the risks of ignoring this encouraged home improvement.

Aluminum Railings: Achieving an Aesthetic

Not only do stair railings offer safety benefits for anyone climbing your outdoor staircase, they also provide an appearance with a great aesthetic. Aluminum railings can give your home the “completeness” in appearance that it may have been lacking, while offering a contrasting aesthetic to your wood or vinyl deck. Outdoor stair railings also emphasize the stairs themselves, and can be a great home improvement project to pair with your new staircase or new stain on your wooden stairs.

Perhaps you have a few steps that lead up to your front entrance and are visible from the street. In this case, a small and delicate aluminum hand railing is usually quite cost-effective and can add the extra design feature to make your front entrance the focal point of your home. If you have a large, raised deck at the back of your home with stairs leading to your backyard, you can extend your staircase railing to wrap around the entire deck for the appeal of a uniform appearance, or you can even opt for wooden staircase railings for the few steps around your wooden deck, stained the same colour for the same effect.

Understanding the cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and overall attractiveness of exterior stair railings makes this home improvement decision a no-brainer, especially when you consider the safety benefits. Don’t hesitate on this upgrade, and act now to avoid a detrimental slip or fall, especially if you plan on entertaining this summer. Contact one of our deck and railing professionals today to get your free exterior stair railing installation quote.

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