How to Discover the Source of a Deck Leak

Deck Leak

With a deck leak and water is entering your house the damage can be devastating, not only from a financial point of view, but also from a emotional one. The question of where is the water coming from, how do I stop it and who do I trust all springĀ  to mind.

One of the first things to do is contain the water in a vessel to control the damage, after that is done your next step would be to typically contact a restoration company. They do emergency response and are availableĀ  24 hours a day, this cost will usually be covered by your house insurance. The Restoration company are not the ones that you will use to fix the actual deck leak though, their area of expertise is interior repairs and emergency hoarding. For the actual deck leak you want to contact a qualified waterproofing deck company.

Deck Leak Discovery

When a company comes by to look at the deck leak it’s important to stay with the investigator and observe what he/she is doing. This will give you some insight into the level of competence the company has. Some of the thing to note are if the individual has a non invasive moisture meter, this instrument is able to take a reading without poking holes in the surface and tell you how much moisture is in the materials below the meter. Another very important aspect to see is if the person is looking at the whole area for different weak points and sources of water ingress. It is quite common that when there is a water issue the point of access is not just from one area but actually coming in from multiple locations and details around your deck.

Usual Suspects for a Deck Leak

Here are the typical suspects of most deck leaks

  • Seam Failure -inspect all seams that are on the deck and any gussets around posts
  • Door Detail- Doors are suppose to have the roofing membrane installed under the doors prior to door installation
  • Drains and Overflows- Make sure drains are not plugged and if it is caulked in inspect the caulking
  • Siding Detail- The B.C. Building Code states that all roof membranes are to go behind the siding by 6″
  • Flashing’s- check that all flashing’s are intact and that any areas that relied on caulking are still in good shape
  • Areas around Deck- Even though it may seem that the deck is leaking the actual source may be from a location near the deck and not on the deck itself

Contact a Pro

One of the most important things is having the proper company come and do the investigation. At Arbutus Sundecks we have been solving these problems for over 15 years and have implemented a system that takes the guess work out of the leak discovery process. Call us today for your free assessment.

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