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Doing a deck repair in Vancouver involves more that just looking at the deck surface for the source of the problems. On many deck repair’s that I look at there is water ingress fom multiple places. Focusing your deck repair in just one location may fix one area of your deck but it will keep leaking in other areas.

Common areas of deck failures:

Cap Flashing:

deck repair vancouver

Cap flashing improperly done

We see this detail being done incorrectly all the time. The cap flashing is intended to provide protection for the waterproofing that is suppose to be installed under it. We typically see the only  waterproofing is a layer of building paper. By BC building code a flashing MEMBRANE is required under the metal cap flashing, ie a self adhesive membrane. The reason for this is that a cap flashing is not a 100% waterproof material, so this being the case we have to have a product under the metal flashing. A self adhesive membrane is a thick piece of rubber like material that is 100% waterproof and is self sealling so that when water gets under the cap flashing it can’t penetrate the parapet wall




Deck Coverings:

Vancouver deck repairs

Improper deck coverings

In Vancouver using the proper material for deck coverings is crucial, in order to avoid a costly deck repair. In this picture the deck was covered with a epoxy stone finish. This system is by no means a waterproof system just by pouring a cup of water on the deck it took only minutes for the water to leak through the decking. One of the most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that whatever deck covering you choose is approved by the B.C. Building Code. There are only a few products that actually meet this requirement, 60 mil vinyl decking, torch on roofing and some licquid membranes.




Deck Repair Vancouver:

These are just a few details to look for when looking at doing a deck repair. In my future postings I will show you our repairs to this deck and  show other problem areas to look for.

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