Deck Repair North Vancouver

Deck repair north Vancouver

Finished deck

Deck Repair in North Vancouver

A deck repair in North Vancouver is always an interesting project. Typically we have to allow for heavy wind driven rain, this means that special attention has to be paid towards the details. Such as removing the first course of siding so that we can bring the vinyl up the wall and behind the building paper. Sometimes with deck repairs in North Vancouver the siding is either a vertical channel siding or stucco siding.

deck repair

Stucco detail

Deck Repair Detail:

Here is a good example of one of our deck repair details we used on our North Vancouver project, we cut the stucco up 6″ and installed a counter flashing behing the stucco. The detail is then finished off with the vinyl runnig up the wall and a peice of pre-painted baseboard to give it the finished and polished look for a deck repair North Vancouver.



Deck Repair North Vancouver

Rotten beam

Deck Rot Repair

This deck repair in North Vancouver had seams that failed and it caused the beam and support post to rot out. The repair was relatively simple, we temporaily supported the deck joists and replaced the three ply beam and the built up posts with pressure treated material. Some of the joist also needed to be replaced. While we were doing the repiars we noticed that the joists were missing solid blocking at the mid span so those were added. This made the deck extremely rigid and firm.





Privacy panel

Privacy panel

Privacy Panel

On this deck repair we used a obscure glass privacy panel made with aluminum, this gives our clients privacy from their neighbours when there enjoying the deck. The aluminum railings are mounted on the fascia boards so as not to have bolt holes through the vinyl decking membrane, we used a colonial top rail and 5/8″ pickets to finish the deck repair off.




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