Is Your Deck in Need of a Little ‘TLC’? Deck Refinishing Will Restore Your Wood Deck to Its Original Glory

If you find that every time you walk out on to your wooden deck you feel stressed about its appearance, it may be time to resurface the wood decking. Vancouver weather can be harsh on wooden decks, and after years of use and being subjected to rain and snow, your deck may be in need of some care.

Have Your Deck Evaluated By A Professional

Use a professional company like Arbutus Sundecks to evaluate your wooden deck. As an experienced sun deck company, they will be able to make suggestions on the most cost effective way to refurbish your deck. They can check for additional damages, and verify that your railings are still secure and safe. This simple evaluation can make the difference between having to replace the entire deck or simply restore it to its original beauty. You will be surprised how cost effective it is to have your deck restored, even if it requires some additional repairs.

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Restoration Should Include Checking For Wood Rot

The weather in Vancouver is perfect for creating wood rot. The large amounts of rain combined with wind storms make it very easy for water to get into the wood of your deck. It is very important that when you begin the restoration project you have the wood checked for wood rot. Vancouver experiences three types of wood rot: brown, white, and soft.

Brown wood rot is the most common form of rot. It makes the wood look like brittle leather and the wood falls apart in chunks. This type of rot will weaken the strength of the wood and the integrity of the deck is at risk. White rot is not as devastating to the wood. Almost like a coating of wood, the white rot needs to be chemically removed and treated to preserve the wood. Soft rot is the worst of the three type of rot. This usually starts from the inside of the wood and works its way to the surface. If soft rot is found, the wood must be replaced.


Having your decks inspected for rot an also help you determine if there may be another problem with the exterior of your home. In some cases, water damage occurs because water is allowed to pool around the wood area. Simple changes can be made to protect your deck in the future once the restoration is complete.

If you are tired of looking at the condition of your deck and are ready to have it restored, we encourage you to contact Arbutus Sundecks for a free consultation. You can have your deck evaluated and determine what restoration efforts are needed to bring it back to life and make you happy once more.

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