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Decking Contractors for Vancouver

As deck contractors in Vancouver we have seen a lot of different decks having a variety of different problems. This deck in particular had some major design problems. The owners had called in a lot of different deck contractors but none of them were able to properly identify all of the issues and come up with reasonable solutions. When they called in Arbutus Sundecks as their final decking contractors we were able to not only identify all of the design problems but also give them a clear solution to solve all of the problems.

Improper Deck SlopingImproper sloping

All decking contractors needs to know the fundamental building codes that pertain to decks, one of the most important part is having proper sloping for the decks. Without proper sloping this is what your deck ends up looking like, large puddles all over rendering the deck almost unusable. The right amount of slope is 2%, this means a slope of 1/4″ per foot. Obtaining this amount of slope can be a challenge especially when dealing with large decks. This deck in particular was 20′ long 18′ wide. In order to give this deck a proper slope we needed to raise the back end by 4″, if we did that the deck would be almost the same height as the door. So instead we sloped the deck width wise that way we only had to increase the height by 2″.


Sundeck Contractor

Top Mount Railings

The deck railings were top mounted and going through to the deck framing, they had a deck contractor come by and try and repair it by applying caulking around the base. This was a very temporary fix, due to the way this deck was framed doing a side mount railing would have been extremely costly and impractical. With over 20 years of construction experience we have system in place to do a top mount railing system and still fully ensure the water integrity of the deck.


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