Consider Trex Decking for Your Composite Decking Tsawwassen


Have a New Composite Decking Tsawwassen that Fits Perfectly into the Landscape

Living in the Tsawwassen area in Vancouver, BC allows you to enjoy the outdoor scenery and gorgeous ocean views whether you live near Boundary Bay or the opposite side along the English Bluffs overlooking the Strait of Georgia. When you just want to spend the free weekend in a deck chair and sipping a nice cool drink, you don’t want to worry about the look of your old deck or the limited space to move around. Get creative and have the perfect deck construction using superior Trex decking materials that are installed by Arbutus Sundecks.

Using Composite Decking Offers Unique Design Capabilities

Normally, you might see your friends and neighbors have the same plain old square or rectangular deck design. One large box shape. Yet you might want a more dynamic and unique architectural flair to your composite decking Tsawwassen. Here at Arbutus Sundecks, we use Trex decking due to its versatility in creating a number of design arrangements. This type of composite decking can be framed in curves and rounded designs easily, as this feature is ideal for backyard spaces that have irregular shapes. We can maximize the available space for your deck while still leaving enough yard for gardens, pool areas and other outdoor features.

In addition, our professional contractors can provide addition design ideas if you are looking for patio and deck spaces with multiple levels. You can separate deck areas, such as outdoor kitchens, from lounge places along the deck to give a feeling of separate outdoor living spaces. With this composite decking, you can let your imagination come to life.

The Right Composite Decking Cost for Your Outdoor Space

Due to the wide range of Trex decking options, you can get the best composite decking cost based on your needs. Do you have a small backyard? Let Arbutus Sundecks speak with you about design considerations so you have the right amount of room based on how you will use the space. We can create multiple vertical levels so you can access your deck from second floor balconies and door entries. If you have large backyard spaces, the possibilities are endless with composite decking Tsawwassen. You can have dining areas, outdoor kitchen areas, pool areas, gathering spaces or private oasis spaces while having a uniform design that complements the architecture of your home.

Get Everything You Wanted in a Composite Deck and Even More from Arbutus Sundecks

When it comes to composite decking Tsawwassen, sometimes it is the most cost-effective solution for worn and rotted decks. Have Arbutus Sundecks come to your home and evaluate your existing deck to give you a cost estimate for all of your options. We can offer a wide range of solutions and products based on the type of decking you are looking for, the materials that you want to use, and the architectural style that fits into your particular preferences. Then we can build the deck to your specifications so that it will look beautiful on your property.

Why People Hire Arbutus Sundecks to Create Their Outdoor Spaces

Here at Arbutus Sundecks, we provide new Trex deck construction, deck repair and deck restoration for residential homes anywhere in the Vancouver, BC region. We have been in business for over 15 years as our contractors have over a combined 50 years of experience in the construction industry. When you hire Arbutus Sundecks for your next deck project, you are hiring the best professionals for the job who take craftsmanship to the next level. Contact our contractors today so we can discuss your decking project and provide you with examples of our previous work so you can get more design ideas.

When living in the Tsawwassen region, you want to fully enjoy your outdoor space. Let Arbutus Sundecks help you achieve this dream for you and your family as we will create a deck that is durable, strong, long-lasting and beautiful. You will be amazed at the Trex decking placed in unique designs and finishes along your outdoor space.





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