Composite Decking Vancouver Works in the Shade, Sun and Rain

 Composite Decking Vancouver Can Withstand Weather Conditions

While summers are hot and winters are mild, Vancouver can experience significant rain and occasional snow during late fall and into the early spring. You will want to use your deck during the clear, sunny days so you can look out over English Bay or enjoy a meal with the North Shore Mountains as the backdrop. Unfortunately, all the wet precipitation can wreak havoc on your deck space with the wood cracked, splintered and faded. Even if you have a PVC deck, you still have to deal with the boards shrinking and expanding in the fluctuating temperatures as the boards can separate from the framing.

Skip the hassles and the high maintenance every year with having the deck restored and repaired. Instead get composite decking Vancouver. Trex decking installed by Arbutus Sundecks performs exceptionally well in different weather conditions while keeping its vibrant colors. You will be amazed when using these composite materials for your deck.

Trex Decking Works in Shade and Sun

One of the problems with other decking materials is that they can react badly based on where they are placed. The sunlight can fade the color from the materials making them look cloudy, dusted and worn. The sun’s heat can also cause the boards to shrink while the rain can make the wood swell and rot away. This constant moisture, expansion and shrinkage can make the wood pull away from the railing, stairs and fascia to cause unsightly gaps and cracks. When placing the materials under the shade can prolong their colors, it can cause a two-tone color effect if parts of the deck still experience significant sun exposure. So there will be light and dark spots scattered across the deck caused by shade trees and furniture.

Trex composite decking Vancouver can handle the rain, sun and shade to keep its glorious luster. You will get your money’s worth from composite decking cost because the materials have fade and stain resistance as well as being mold and mildew resistant. The boards also react well to different temperature changes. So the deck won’t begin pulling away from other deck finishes and it won’t experience significant color changes. You can rearrange the furniture, rugs and other outdoor furnishings on the deck without dealing with unsightly light and dark splotches on the deck’s surface.

Using a Composite Deck Material Around Pool Areas

Another advantage to using composite materials in your outdoor space is that they won’t experience significant damage around pool spaces. The water won’t cause spotting on the composite decking Vancouver as you can easily clean the materials using a simple solution of soapy water. Since composite materials can have the texture and wood grain of natural wood materials while being installed with a draining system, wet feet won’t slip when getting into and out of the pool. So if you were worried about slipping and falling on tile or stone materials around the pool area, selecting composite decking such from Trex is the ideal alternative.

Have a New Deck that Lasts for Decades

You won’t have to worry about staining, painting and repairing the cracked boards on your deck year after year if you have a new composite deck installed by Arbutus Sundecks. You can place the deck anywhere in your yard whether you want it in the full sun by the pool or under the shade trees by the pergola. You can place any type of furniture and rugs on the deck that will give you rest and relaxation without causing the deck to become stained and discolored.

Have your deck professionally installed by Arbutus Sundecks. Building decks throughout the Vancouver, BC region for over a decade, we can install your Trex deck based on your design considerations so you have a beautiful space year after year no matter what type of weather is outside. Work within your established budget and the composite decking cost to get the outdoor space that you have always wanted for your home. Contact Arbutus Sundecks for a free quote.

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