Changing The Layout To Improve Deck Design

Choosing the right deck design

This week I began a job for a client that had 3 different levels of deck area. A large set of stairs leading to the upper, and the lower level having 2 set of stairs leading to the back yard. After an initial consultation and a deck design settled on, the plan was to resurface the top deck with a vinyl membrane, while the lower levels were being resurfaced with composite decking boards. The colours and patterns were chosen and construction was under way.

Deck Design Old

Keeping in touch with the client

The upper deck was resurfaced and covered with the vinyl membrane the client chose. Once construction was nearing an end on the upper level, the lower level work began. Once we pulled all the old decking boards up we discovered that the previous owners had a hot tub built into the deck. This was removed before the current owners, and the deck was put back together very poorly. The deck was definitely in need reinforcement before installing the new composite surface.

Deck Construction

A conversation and a new plan

Once we discovered the structure of the deck beneath, we discussed with the client the possiblities of moving forward. After a few ideas were thrown around, the decision was made to change the deck design and merge all levels into one. The deck was then decided to actually be shortened to not impede on a basement window. You would think this would lower total deck space, but in fact, due to the removal of a larger set of stairs, the deck area was actually increased. A new design for the stairs leading to the back yard was discussed and construction was underway again.

Deck Construction New Design

The rest of the job carried on with no further issues and turned out to be a great deck. After the new deck was built and married into the old one, the complete deck surface was waterproofed and detailed with all the finishing touches a deck needs. The client decided on an aluminum picket railing system to finish everything off. After providing the client with a multitude of different colour options, the final decision was a charcoal finish to match the fascia and trim of the house. Installing a larger set of stairs at the end of the deck leading down to the back yard was a great decision and looks great.

Aluminum Picket Railings

I really enjoyed working on this deck and enjoyed facing the new challenges that presented themselves throughout. The end result was one the client was very happy with and one that i was very proud of myself. I love challenges like this and look forward to the next one.

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