Cedar Railing In Need Of An Upgrade

Cedar Siding RailingThis cedar railing tucked away in North Vancouver is in much need of an upgrade. It looked in somewhat decent condition but upon closer inspection the problems were there. After some new cedar siding, a few fresh top rails and a sturdy post, this deck got the upgrade it much needed.

Not only was the railing built without proper drainage, but served a different purpose. The existence of a previously used wheelchair lift has left a large gap in the railing. Perfect time to give the railing a much needed facelift.

Old Cedar Railing

The wood had been painted and kept away from heavy weather conditions. The area still receives some rain and unless railings are built with proper drainage in mind, rot will find a way. In this case, the bottom channel was missing some drainage holes, allowing water to pool and eat away at the bottom of the siding over time.

After removing all the affected wood and checking the posts for strength and dexterity, the process begins on rebuilding the railing. Not only rebuilding, but keeping the design in mind to match the rest of the existing railing.

New Cedar RailingAfter carefully replicating the old railing, and installing drainage holes in the bottom rail, the upgrade is nearly complete. With the post installed with structural fasteners, the siding measured and fitted between both rails, the last step is sanding.

Fresh cuts and corners on cedar can be sharp and potentially dangerous if not rounded off. Not to mention potential splinters sticking out of the wood grain. Every sharp edge and surface is softened with 240grit sandpaper and ready for use.


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