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Cedar deck vancouver

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Cedar Decks

“Cedar decks” are one of the most beautiful deck surfaces. If done right they can be long lasting a maintain there beauty for years to come. When we do cedar decks it’s important to have a clear plan of the finishes that the client would like, at Arbutus Sundecks we help the customer through this process.


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The first step is choosing the type of cedar, there is a large variety of choices. Depending on the budget and end results we can use 4″, 6″ or even 8″ cedar decking. After the type has been chosen we then determine the grade of cedar decking, typically we use either a tught knot or a clear cedar for the deck surface. Then we determine the type and color of stain that will compliment the surronding area. When we do a cedar deck it is advisable to have it pre-stained with two coats of a high preforming penetrating stain






cedar decking

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Cedar Decks Vancouver

When doing cedar decks in Vancouver the little details are extremely important, in order to have the decking last a long time we always use the stain on the end cuts of the decking. This will ensure that the cedar is fully sealed and the stain will last way longer and the maintenance will be way less. When attaching the cedar we use a special screw called a trim head, this screw is either stainless steel or a ceramic screw. The head is extremely small and hardely noticeable.








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Stained Cedar Decking

With the Cedar stained it really brings out the natural beaty of the cedar qualities. It also acts as a protection from foot traffic and UV rays. If stained every 3-4 years it will last decades.










ceadr decking vancouver

A refinished cedar deck






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