Cantilevered Joists

Cantilevered Joists

Rotten Cantilevered Joists

Repairing Cantilevered Joists

Using  Cantilevered Joists use to be a very popular style of deck construction. The problem with this is that when a deck is left in disrepair rot can start forming on the Cantilevered Joists. This can be a very costly repair project, there are many different options Arbutus Sundecks uses. The best suited one depends on many factors such as the extent of the rot damage, the distance of the cantilevered joists and the size of the joits thst were originally used. Following are a few of the options we can incoroporate.


Sistering Joists:

This construction term refers to the method of applieing another simular size joists to the existing joist. This method can work well if the amount of rot present on the original joist is relatively minor and the existing joists are sized correctly. When attaching the other joists it is important to glue and screw the two together. This may need to be combined with strengthening up the rim joists.

Replacing Cantilevered Joists:

This method can be a expensive method but unavoidable if the Cantilevered Joists are severley rotted and the design of the exteror of the building can’t be changed. When doing this it first must be determined which way of accesing the inside of the building is esier to sccess. It can be done from either the from the ceiling below or from the flooring at the same level. Alot of other factors have to be reviewed such as any electrical wires that may have to be removed and replaced along with the possibility of plumbing and sprinkler lines. When replacing the Cantilevered Joists a basic rule of thumb is the one third two third rule. This is to be used as a guide line only, basiccally if your cantilever is three feet you need to have at least six feet on the inside of the lever point. You should always check your Building code first and if unclear consult with a Structural Engineer.

Adding posts:

Often enough it is cost effective to change the design of the deck by adding posts to carry the load of the deck instead of repairing the Cantilevered Joists. This changes the exterior look of the building and requires adding proper footings. When doing this you will have to consult your local Building codes to confirm the depth of the footings and how many posts you will need to support the span

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