Can You Use Wood Decking in Vancouver?

Yes – and Here’s Why It’s a Superb Choice

Many homeowners planning on enjoying their wood decks in Vancouver may be wary about the building material due to the moist climate we enjoy. The fact is that wood decking in Vancouver is actually the better choice when compared to other materials in terms of feel and looks. The most important thing to consider is what type of wood deck material will be the best choice for your home in terms of style, budget concerns, your home’s location, and the exposure of the wood to the elements.

Pressure Treated Wood Decks Save Money

If cost is your main concern, talk to a pro about installing pressure treated wood. They are by far the most durable solution if you want to enjoy the luxury of wood decks but fear the onslaught of a Vancouver autumn. This product has been specially treated in a process that forces chemical preservatives into the wood. Because of the presence of preservatives, the wood receives far greater protection against termites and fungal decay. This type of product is offered in a variety of retention levels (in other words, to what level a preservative will remain in the wood after the treatment). For wood that will be in contact with the ground and for the planks that will be in contact with fasteners (nails, screws, bolts or anchors) you will want to consider the highest retention level possible. Talk to a consultant to learn which species of tree will work best for being pressure treated. Even particular areas of the tree can absorb the chemicals more readily, so figure out what level of protection you require before you make your purchase.

The Cedar Alternative Is the West Coast Favourite

Traditionally, cedar decks are highly sought after because of their texture and their aroma, but they may require more maintenance than you’d expect. Wood stain should be applied at least once a year (or more depending on your exposure to weather conditions). Remember that a damp deck is an unhappy deck; the quicker you can allow for water to drain and for that wood surface to dry, the better. If you notice mildew developing (or simply as part of a regular cleaning program), scrub down your deck with soapy water to remove mould growth. Just be sure not to use a cleaner that is too harsh and will strip the finish of the wood. Because cedar is such a natural part of the West Coast look, many homeowners simply let their cedar decks weather and age naturally in accordance with their surroundings.

Hardwood Decking Reduces Hard Work Maintenance

A very popular, if more costly, alternative for wood decking in Vancouver is to use hardwood from South East Asia (for example Balau or Teak.) The main benefit of hardwood is that it is incredibly durable with resilience to dampness, bacterial growth and termite attack. Teak, for example, is lauded for being a legendary substance that can outlive an empire. The wood itself has built-in protection in the form of oil and resin that mimics the advantages of pressure treatment. When it comes to dealing with the changes in our climate, temperature and rain fall levels, these woods are guaranteed to please for years. What’s even better is that they require far less maintenance in terms of scrubbing, cleaning and staining. A 2-year schedule in terms of oil can be sufficient for upkeep.

Hopefully you now see why wood decking in Vancouver is not only desirable but also highly effective in dealing with our climate and our insect pests. It’s hard to find a substitute for the feel of wood under your bare feet in the summer, so definitely consider a wood deck for your Vancouver home. Because there are many other factors that can affect the wear and tear on your planks, give us a call for a quote or more information. If wood is what you seek, we will be able to help you find a solution that will perfectly suit your home’s style and your personal needs.

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