Building a Roof over your Deck

Should You Build A Roof Over Your Deck?

A deck adds a certain charm to your house, especially during summers when it is a nice place to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends and family. With some outdoor furniture and a couple of light sources, the decks can transform into warm welcoming areas, which also serve as additional spaces during parties and get-togethers. But have you noticed that your deck area is hardly ever used during the fall or the rainy season? That’s because the harsher weather provides little protection from the elements on an open deck thereby leaving it largely unused for most part of the year. Your decision to build a roof over your deck will result in increased serviceability of the deck.

build a roof over your deck

Building a roof for your deck not only adds to the beauty of your home, it also provides you with additional surface area. Besides these there are some other advantages of having a covered deck.

  • Improves the Overall Look. If the deck roof is planned such that it blends with the overall look of the house, it actually enhances the attractiveness of your home. With so many roofing options now available, you can choose to give your deck’s roof a modern or a classic twist that harmonizes well with the rest of the decor. Add in some all weather curtains for privacy when you need it and you have a new entertainment area ready.
  • All weather utility. A roof on your deck will help you enjoy the deck area in all weather conditions, be it the summer, rains or the colder weather. Colder, wet days may become as enjoyable as the sunny days when the roof is there to protect you from the strong winds or snow. It can also serve as a laundry drying area or as an open greenhouse for tender plants.

Canopy deck


  • Easier maintenance. An open deck is always exposed to the changing weather conditions, so it needs more protection from sun and water exposure. Moisture can damage the deck floor and reduce the life of the floor. A roof on the deck provides coverage making it easier to maintain the deck. Dust and dry leaves will also be less of a inconvenience if the deck is covered.

A deck roof is an interesting upgrade to your home which not only increases the utilitarian value of the deck area but also the overall monetary value of your home. Therefore, it is preferable to install a suitable roof for your deck. Call Arbutus Sundecks for more information on the how’s and why’s of deck roofs and benefit from their expertise in this area.

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