Balcony Repair North Vancouver

Balcony Repair North Vancouver

This balcony repair North Vancouver was done using a vinyl decking that is 66 mil thick from Tuffdek. When we were called into to estimate the job the deck had an existing fiberglass decking on it. The fiberglass decking was cracked and was leaking in numerous areas. We started off by removing the aluminum railings and the existing plywood.

deck repair north vancouver

Plywood removed

With the plywood removed we then installed 3/4″ select tongue and groove sheathing. This was glued and screwed down to the existing joists. We then used a router around the edges to recess the plywood so that the flashing we use around the edges are flush with the top of the plywood. Once the flashing was installed we ground all the plywood seam smooth and used a concrete based filler to ensure there are no imperfections in the deck surfaces. Now the balcony repair North Vancouver was ready for the vinyl decking to be installed.






balcony repair north vancouver

Balcony Repair Ready for Vinyl Decking

Here we have laid out the sheets of vinyl decking and are ready to glue it in place. We use a special notched trowel to spread out the glue and then roll out the vinyl sheets into place. We then use a plxi-glass smoother on the vinyl to remove any wrinkles. Now that all the vinyl is in place we use a special contact glue on the walls and the back of the vinyl to bring it up behind the siding a minimum of 6″. At this point the balcony repair North Vancouver is ready for its final step, the welding of the seams and flashing’s.


Balcony repair vancouver

Welding of the seams

Welding the Vinyl Decking

For welding the seams together for this balcony repair North Vancouver we are using a heat gun that is set for 400 degrees and the seams are fully welded together. The flashing has a vinyl coating and is also welded together using the heat gun. Once the balcony is all welded together the railings are ready to be re-installed and the deck is finished and ready for you to enjoy.




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