Arbutus Sundecks Offers Vinyl Decking Tsawwassen

Vinyl Decking TsawwassenRelax on Premium Vinyl Decking Tsawwassen

After a hard day’s work in the lower mainland, all you can think about is getting back to Tsawwassen so you can relax on your sundeck and enjoy a nice meal as the kids play in the yard and the migratory birds fly over your house toward Boundary Bay. Yet the sight of your warped and cracked deck can quickly spoil your evening plans. If you are looking for a cost effective solution to restoring your deck so it is durable and strong for years to come, consider the benefits of Tuf Dek vinyl decking Tsawwassen.

Why People Are Turning to Vinyl Deck Solutions Like Tuf Dek

Unlike other materials, Tuf Dek vinyl decking doesn’t require a long and involved installation process when applied by a professional contractor such as Arbutus Sundecks. It isn’t paint or rubber materials. Tuf Dek is sheet vinyl and an approved roofing membrane that has exceptional waterproof abilities. When it is adhered and thermally bonded on to the surface of your deck, it creates a protective barrier that resists punctures, scrapes, ultraviolet light degradation, mold growth and mildew build up. It is 100% waterproof to resist the torrential rains that can be experienced in Vancouver, BC. It is also fire resistant as you can easily use outdoor grills without the fear of damaging the vinyl deck surface.

While there are other vinyl materials on the market, people are turning to Tuf Dek due to its beauty, longevity, and durability. We tested several different types of vinyl materials in our video and only Tuf Dek showed that it could withstand different pressures to maintain a superior bonded seal.

Obtain Tuf Dek as Your Go-To Vinyl Decking Tsawwassen

When it comes to vinyl decking materials, Tuf Dek is versatile as you can use it for a number of different applications. You can apply it to sundecks, roof decks, patios, walkways, pool areas, balconies and other outdoor spaces. Here at Arbutus Sundecks, we provide Tuf Dek in a wide range of colors and designs as the vinyl deck can mimic the characteristics of wood planks, pebbled stones, ridged stones and other materials. So you can select the right patterns and colors that go well with the architecture of your Tsawwassen home and then hire Arbutus Sundecks to professionally install the Tuf Dek vinyl decking.

Obtain Full Service Vinyl Deck Solutions from Arbutus Sundecks

For over 15 years, Arbutus Sundecks has been building new decks and installing vinyl decks for the residents in Tsawwassen and homeowners throughout the Vancouver, BC region. We are a full service deck restoration company as we also provide the proper decking details — such as railings — to complete the beautiful look that you want for your outdoor space. So contact us today to find out how we can improve the appearance and durability of your deck by installing Tuf Dek vinyl decking Tsawwassen. You will be amazed by how much of an improvement this vinyl deck material will give to your sundeck.

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