Designer Aggregate Vinyl Decking Perfect for Your Vinyl Sundeck Vancouver​

Designer Aggregate Vinyl Decking for Your Vinyl Sundeck Vancouver

The pebbled design of aggregate offers appealing patterns and a unique appearance when placed on walkways, patios or pool surrounds. Yet while you may love the look, the rough concrete surface isn’t ideal for decks where you may walk barefoot or have kids playing on the surface. Well, you can have the best of both worlds with Designer Aggregate vinyl decking offered by Tufdek.

Designer Aggregate vinyl decking is a vinyl product with the imprinted color and designs of aggregate concrete. It has a sleek surface and a vibrant appearance as the aggregate colors and patterns make it look like poured concrete. Since it is vinyl, it can be used in places where you may be hesitant to have a heavy concrete product, such as a balcony or on a roof deck. You can also use it in areas where people can take off their shoes and have fun in their bare feet, such as pool areas, water features, garden paths or on a vinyl sundeck Vancouver.

Less Maintenance with a Designer Aggregate Vinyl Sundeck Vancouver

When it comes to maintenance, Designer Aggregate vinyl decking from Tufdek outperforms even regular concrete aggregate. You can easily clean it without damaging the vibrant colours or having dirt and muck infiltrate the surface. This versatile product maintains its beauty and can enhance the look of your outdoor space due to its cool colours that will go well with lighter neutral shades and brighter hues in your landscape.

The colours in your vinyl sundeck Vancouver will last due to Tufdek’s proprietary process of Aqueous based inks and a polycarbonate top finish. These processes ensure that every vinyl decking material will have a strikingly dramatic colour effect throughout the surface while being protected from the harsh outdoor elements and environment. Your Designer Aggregate vinyl decking will not fade, dull or stain from rain, snow, ice, sunlight or foot traffic.

Arbutus Sundecks Can Install your Vinyl Sundeck Vancouver with Designer Aggregate Vinyl

Enjoy the look of aggregate without the extra hassle, maintenance or sore feet. Let Arbutus Sundecks install Designer Aggregate vinyl decking materials from Tufdek throughout your outdoor space. We can place it on your deck, patio, balcony, roof deck, walkways and around water features to add that extra artistic touch.

The design possibilities are endless when it comes to using Tufdek vinyl decking as there are 14 unique colors available. Let our experienced contractors evaluate your outdoor space and your design preferences to give you the right advice and an estimate in regards to your new sundeck using Designer Aggregate vinyl. Then we will professionally install your new structure to meet your expectations as you will now have the perfect place to relax, entertain and have fun with the family while enjoying the great outdoors.

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